Jie Zhao

Forest Workshop




Forestworkshop, a case study of study tour


This paper will focus on a project called Forestworkshop (www.forestworkshop.org). It is an art education project built in 2016 in Finland, mainly for Chinese travelers. The paper will demonstrate the experiences of the past three years, standing on the founder’s perspective. First of all, it stars with the background that the study tour in China is increasingly booming during the last 4 years, and how this market needs seriously challenge the structures and industry models of travel, education, and other marketing and event-based company both in China and Finland. Secondly, Forestworkshop, as a case study of phenomenon based learning project, asks how study tour, experiencing study, strives new opportunities for educational research, promote open-minded and interdisciplinary cooperation between educational institutions and other companies, and create the innovative educational business. Last, also the most important point is pointed out how this kind of business can be sustainable, for example, how to balance the possible conflicts between the education content and the travel service, how to cope the different policies between the different countries. Jie Zhao / Author Graduated from Aalto University, Nordic Visual Study and Art Education, 2018 The paper can meet the themes: • Co-operation between companies operating in the meetings and business events industry and educational institutions • Examples of original initiatives in the field of teaching or researching meetings and business events or examples of co-operation between employers and educational institutions.